Meet Rebecca

Your body isn’t in your way. Your body is the way.

When we’re experiencing chronic pain, recovering from an injury or accident that interrupts our daily life, or navigating a health problem, it can feel like our body has betrayed us.

What I’ve learned is that it’s actually just the opposite: our body is always seeking balance.

Our symptoms are messages from our body and if we listen, our body will teach us what we need.


I’m Rebecca Holohan, licensed massage therapist and certified yoga teacher.


I’m passionate about helping clients release deeply-held patterns of pain and tension in the body so they can feel better and experience more freedom in their bodies and their lives.


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How can I support your healing journey?


Take a look through the different services I offer, schedule a massage at your convenience, and feel free to reach out with any questions you have. You can contact me at 678-284-2151 or


Massage and Craniosacral therapy help us find our way home: to our bodies, to our center, to our inner source of peace and healing.


During my own health crisis several years ago, I found solace on my yoga mat and on the massage table. Craniosacral therapy, massage, and yoga helped me heal and build a new relationship with my body based on respect and kindness.


As I healed through bodywork, I became inspired to gain the tools to help others. I became a certified yoga teacher through the Asheville Yoga Center’s 200-hr training and received my massage therapy certification and Craniosacral therapy education from the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga (LMT #MT010450). I also have a certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga from the organization Centering Youth, an approach which emphasizes reconnecting the body and mind through mindful movement.


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“Rebecca is my first stop as soon as I get to Atlanta. Her bodywork feels like an energy bath that takes off years of stress and tension. I was unfamiliar with craniosacral work, but Rebecca has absolutely converted me from “I need a deep pressure physical massage” to this precise and soothing technique…absolutely wonderful! Oh, and the body assessment she does upon arrival has unexpectedly gifted me with so much awareness of how I hold myself and treat myself during the day. Thank you!” -Shari Fox