Current Classes and Events

“Recharge and Restore” at FORM Yoga

Sundays, 6:00-7:15 pm 

533 West Howard Ave, Unit C2, Decatur, GA, 30030

“Over-worked, over-stressed, over-tired? This class is for you. Get chill on your mat with this relaxing, meditative and super-gentle asana (posture) class structured around rest and mindfulness. Wind down with some stress releasing and restorative stretches as you explore guided pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

Benefits of this class include stress relief and relaxation, better focus, and more clarity. This class may include use of essential oils and hands-on adjustments (ahhhh!). It’ll relax you so much, you may just float home. Who says levitation isn’t possible?

*This nourishing and relaxing class is suitable for all levels from beginners to more advanced yogis.”


Private Yoga Instruction

Experience the benefits of a yoga class customized for you and your body. Private yoga can support health and fitness goals, decrease stress, and take your yoga practice deeper. I work with clients of all experience levels, and can also teach a semi-private class for you and a friend or you and your family.

$80 for 60 mins
$300 for 4 Class Pack
$560 for 8 Class Pack


Past Classes and Events

Middot in Movement

Prepare your body, mind, and soul for the High Holy Days with an embodied “Cheshbon HaNefesh” experience. Reflect on your past year, release what holds you back, and open to the new year. We will use inspiring Mussar teachings, yoga, meditation, and simple daily practices to make our High Holy Days deeply meaningful.

Bodytalk with Becca: Lower Back Edition

Our bodies speak to us through sensation—pain and discomfort are invitations to listen, learn, change, and heal. In this workshop, we’ll learn tools to engage our bodies in healing conversation, focusing on our lower back, a common place we experience pain and stiffness. Discover what your body is trying to tell you! Experience a therapeutic yoga practice, guided meditation, a fun (I swear!) anatomy lesson, and close with restorative poses to release the lower back and essential oils. This workshop is great for anyone experiencing chronic lower back issues, anyone wanting to feel more connected to their body, science nerds, and anyone curious about how our thoughts and feelings affect our bodies.


I want to love, heal, and empower my body. I want to help my clients and students do the same.

sunset“My training at the Asheville Yoga Center was in Vinyasa Flow yoga, where all movements are linked to breath. Using the breath as a guide, my classes are aimed at helping students develop body awareness. A perfect complement to massage, my classes are beginner-friendly and use gentle flowing sequences that conclude with restorative poses to leave students feeling renewed and relaxed.



“Rebecca introduced me to the world of my personal peace and calmness. The stress-reduction tools and yoga routines she taught me enriched my days with positive energy and calmed my soul. She customized our sessions to ensure the tools worked for my life and the experience was unforgettable. A lavender sleeping balm I got from Rebecca stays with me always and reminds me to come back to center.” -Evgenia Zhivatova